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Fuck Yeah, Black Widow

Fallaces sunt rerum species

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Black Widow created by Lee, Rico and Heck & is © Marvel Entertainment.

Anonymous asked: What was Natasha's relationship with Clint?

In the MCU, it’s Agent Barton was sent to kill me, he made a different call. In the comics they were star-crossed lovers and supervillain partners against Iron Man. Clint later lobbied for Natasha to join the Avengers, they fell apart when Natasha decided she wanted to try normal for a while. It was a major relationship that impacted both of them for better and for the worse, painted in comically uncasual language. (Darling, my dearest, &c &c.) But Natasha left Clint in 1970, to star in her own feature and they haven’t gotten back together since.

It’s somewhat unique in comics. Usually your first major love interest is the one your story orbits forever, and this goes double for women introduced in the Silver Age. But Clint and Natasha went their own way, and now I think it’s easy to forget how major they were originally.

Here’s a longer write-up you might be interested in.

emmatops asked: Hi! I was wondering if you know what Rooskaya means?

Rooskaya (русская) means Russian. It’s the feminine form of the adjective. When Yelena first confronts Natasha, she’s full of patriot identities:

My name is Yelena Belova. And I am a student from the Red Room in Moscow. You remember it, then? Yes, I thought you would. And yes, it is still active. You are its greatest legend, Natalia Romanova, even though you are no longer truly Russian.

Natasha calls Yelena rooskaya because Yelena says that Natasha is not.

charmed-sisters-sims-3 asked: Hello, I was confused about Natasha's birth dates in the recent marvel films, you see i read somewhere that she was born in 1928 and in the movies she is kind a mystery. She didn't appear in the captain America film either. Also in Captain America 2 a computer thingy identified her to be born in the 80s. Are the movies wrong or are there they two separate widows, or do you think they'll explain this?

The movies just exist on a different timeline— they differ from the comics, but I wouldn’t call them wrong. For example, in the comics Nick Fury was the leader of the Howling Commandos, not Captain America, and he is likewise impossibly aged due to comic book super science.  In the movie Captain America was the leader of the Howling Commandos, and Nick Fury is impossibly aged due to Samuel L. Jackson.

Everyone involved in the films, from comic book tie-in creators to script writers to Scarlett Johansson herself, has mentioned that Natasha in the movie continuity is meant to be a contemporary take on an old concept. The comic book Black Widow was introduced in 1964, and wasn’t created immortal; several decades of plot twists made her that way. Because the stories have been running on for long and longer years, dates and times in comics are extra complicated. Natasha’s had at least three separate origin stories and only one of them sets her birthday to 1928. And adaptations of comic book stories tend to pick and choose and invent wholesale to make something that sticks to the screen.

There’s nothing within the universe of the movies that suggest Natasha’s secretly 84, and nothing that suggests she’s not the original Black Widow. Since the films haven’t elaborated much on Natasha’s mystery-flavor past, some fans look to her recent comic book background as inspiration.

I’m skeptical of the date mentioned in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, because I don’t expect them to remember it the next time we see her file. (The’ve mixed up this kind of thing before.) But I don’t think it was put there in bad faith, if that makes sense. Like I said, the people who created her for this have said this Black Widow is just younger than the comic version, and we’re supposed to see more of her origin in this world Avengers: Age of Ultron.

TL;DR: yes, there are two separate Widows, two separate timelines, and both are right.

Anonymous asked: why did the letters section ended in the natasha ongoing?

I have no clue! I also don’t know if it’s really ended— a lot of times letters pages skip a few issues.  I do know that Marvel has started putting some lost letters pages online to save space and printing costs. I also know that nathanedmondson and ElliePyle would have better intel than me.

Anonymous asked: Hello! This is probably a stupid question, but I didn't find it in the FAQ - how old is Natasha?

It depends on who’s telling the story. I don’t really trust MCU birthdate continuity since it keeps contradicting, but Natasha in that universe is approximately the same age as the actress who plays her.

In the comics, Natasha was an infant in 1928 but had her aging slowed by a mystery science chemical.

Anonymous asked: How do you feel about femslash, particularly involving Natasha?

Depends. Are we talking about good femslash?  Or is it one of those times the women are paired off with each other to keep them tidy and non-threatening and in the background?

I wrote a post a while back about how I don’t think comic book Natasha is explicitly bisexual. But that was because I think it’s dangerous to mistake fanservice for representation, not because it’s a canon impossibility and she has to be straight-straight-straight. Maybe her next round love interest will be a woman. Maybe, in the MCU, she’s a lesbian.

But slash is a certain genre of same-gender story— it is something fans make and something fans do. And the old fannish ritual of queering the text works just as well on all genders.  Except it doesn’t, really, because every now and again we have a discussion about why there’s not as much femslash, and how writing about men might feel safer to young women, and also more radical, or more sexy or more complex. But the old fannish ritual of queering the text works for all genders. Writing slash, and writing stories is a claim to these characters. Stories touch us, but we grasp them too, in reading and remembering. When fans write slash about Natasha— when they tell stories— it means they think she is worth claiming. I feel for that, even when the commas aren’t in the right place and the dialogue is not what I’d choose.

This tumblr is pretty shipping agnostic, partly because I wanted to create a space for Natasha’s fans no matter what they shipped, partly because I am a wimp who hates drama and partly because I just care less about shipping than the average bear. But I post f/f art and graphics sometimes, and sometimes I make them, too.