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Fuck Yeah, Black Widow

Fallaces sunt rerum species

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Black Widow created by Lee, Rico and Heck & is © Marvel Entertainment.

Clint: Okay, DD, on your feet. The fight’s over— and the best man won again! Now, you just let Tasha go, an’—
Matt: You… poor dope. I’ve been trying to tell you—! I have no hold over Tasha— couldn’t tie her down if I wanted to!
Clint: Whaa-at!? But back at her house—! You—
Matt: I was jealous! That doesn’t mean the Widow cared!
But you were too into fighting to noctice that, so—
Clint: Aw, rats!
Matt: — the only way I can figure to stop you is this!

From Daredevil #99, by Steve Gerber and Sam Kweskin.

Anonymous asked: So I'm confused: It's probably because I haven't been able to get my hands on many comics that aren't really recent. Daredevil and Natasha seemed very on again/off again in their relationship from what I've seen/heard though. Just how many break ups and make ups were? When did things end for good??

Matt and Natasha met in Daredevil #81 and quickly started dating.. Their relationship was tumultuous, and there were several almost break-ups— Matt dumps Natasha abruptly in Daredevil #85, but changes his mind just as quickly and they get back together the next issue. Natasha leaves in Daredevil & the Black Widow #99 to join the Avengers for one issue before deciding she’s more happy with Matt. After that, Matt decides to move back to New York, and they are separated for a while until Natasha can move, too. The relationship ends when she leaves him in Daredevil #124. And they never got back together after that.

After that, though, she still made a lot of guest appearances in Daredevil, as a SHIELD contact, superhero, ex-girlfriend or some combination of the three. There’s a lot of flirting and near-misses and lingering sexual tension. Sometimes one of them wants to get back together. But the end of the story is always the same: they don’t get back together. All of the almosts give a dimension of inevitability to their relationship. They will always have feelings for each other, probably, but it will never work out.

Kevin Smith sort of implied the two might have had a friends with benefits thing going on at some vague indeterminate time in the past, but I think they’d both be really bad at that, so uh, I tend to think that mostly happened in Kevin Smith’s fanfic. (If Matt could sleep with anyone without making things complicated, the women of New York city would have a much higher survival rate.)

So in conclusion: they were together basically from 1971 to 75 give or take a few melodramatic Bronze Age fights, and have flirted a lot since, never crossing the finish line.