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Fuck Yeah, Black Widow

Fallaces sunt rerum species

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Black Widow created by Lee, Rico and Heck & is © Marvel Entertainment.

Natasha: Sooner or later, Frank, someone was going to get the drop on you. The Avengers aren’t a fan of yourse, but I have my own agenda. And I know who bought the boat. SHIELD tells me this guy is in a Costa Rican prison. I want you to go find out who’s behind all of this.

Black Widow #9 was the Punisher crossover, and we got a scene of Natasha pulling a gun on Frank that cut abruptly to the next day at SHIELD HQ. If you read the companion Punisher #9, you saw that Natasha put Frank in prison. (Damn Avengers.) In Punisher #11, though, we get the whole story: Natasha recruited Frank to find out more about the ghosts she is chasing.

Beyond the obvious crossover, Edmondson has been building little links between his books. The Howling Commandoes, a black ops team in LA hunting the Punisher, are appearing in an upcoming issue of Black Widow, for example, and he’s said that some elements from these books will appear in Deathlok as well.

From Black Widow #9, by Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto, & Punisher #11, by Edmondson and Mitch Gerads.

This is the badassiest thing I’ve ever been asked to work on in my life. Black Widow is the very best hot mess I know. She kicks ass, she’s more of a Wolverine than a Captain America.
— Margaret Stohl, on her just-announced Black Widow novel for MarvelYA.
Natasha: You’re a good fighter. One of the best, I’m told. You’re also supposed to have a gift for strategy. But tonight, I didn’t see it. You let your emotions rule.
Laura: My… emotions.
Natasha: Don’t look so surprised. You’re not immune to anger. No one is. But you’re not a blunt force object, either. You can be better.
Laura: You. Have watched… me.
Natasha: I’ve had my eye on you for a while. I don’t ignore potential.
From X-23 #20 by Marjorie Liu and Phil Noto.
  • Nrama: On the other hand, you've recently introduced some other superheroes into the series with Daredevil in Issue #7 and the Winter Soldier in #8 playing upon Natasha's shared history with each individual. Can readers expect to see Matt and Bucky again – or other characters for that matter?
  • Edmondson: A “perhaps, yes, probably, yes” to both, so far as we can see ahead into the future of the series!