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Fuck Yeah, Black Widow

Fallaces sunt rerum species

Здравствуйте from FYBW, your one-stop tumblr shop for Black Widow news, no-prizing, and oversaturated .gifs. Some MCU, mostly comics. Often overwritten. Always overthinking.

Black Widow created by Lee, Rico and Heck & is © Marvel Entertainment.

Anonymous asked: may i ask, what superheroines do you like aside from natasha? and what other female lead (or at least female friendly) comics would you recommend to someone just getting into comics? :)

I like most superheroines, I am not a tricky person to figure out.  I am special fond of Jessica Jones, Tigra, the Huntress, and Patsy Walker and Nico Minoru to name a few, but I could keep going!!

As for comics, well, it depends?  Do you want to read about superheroes or swordfights or true-seeming lives?  Do you want to read a series that’s coming out every month and never ending, or a whole story already told? If you want to read more current Marvel things I’d try Captain or Ms. Marvel or one of the other Marvel Now books that hits you.  If you want more murky spy stuff, and the costumes don’t matter, you might try Queen and Country.

vverbatim asked: clinging to the high from cap2 while scrolling through your "boyfriend files" tag made me wonder if you were planning on writing about nat/bucky because i feel like it's being made into one of those "everlasting love" clusterfucks that i think you've the cumulative knowledge to clear up, your blog gives me sweet sweet life

That would be the plan! If I ever uh return to the writing of longform essays which I have lately been too lazy for, but I was doing them in publication order so Bucky’d be the last of all.  (Matt Murdock is next for those wondering, and I have that plotted in my head as two parts because I am a secret Matt Murdock trashblogger.) I have talked a lot about Bucky on this blog, in fact possibly too much, so some of those archives might be interesting to you, and I have a tag for ship things too.

But I do not think I have the great and terrible power to change tumblr’s shipping thoughts!! I’m happy to share my own opinions and ideas and staple panels and continuity together, but I do that for its own sake and not to be correct. It’s not that I don’t think fandom can get things wrong sometimes or I don’t see interpretations of things I love that I disagree with. I do! And I am not too big to fall into the “people are wrong about my fictional characters on the internet" hole that belongs to every strong-feeling fan. But if I really wrote from a goal of eliminate all badwrong interpretations from the tracked tags I’d never win, and I’d never be able to enjoy myself. So, I definitely hope to do a Boyfriend Files writeup of J. Bucky Barnes one day, but if you expect it to eliminate all clusterfucks you will probably be disappointed.

I hope you’d wind up liking it anyway. Thanks for the nice comments about my blog!!

I was given a second chance. I was more than a butcher. But this is my house.
Lobo: What are you doing?
Natasha: Some housecleaning.
Lobo: Ack!

I was talking some, somewhere else, about how Natasha thinks she’s a little bit above the rules, something that comes to play here in Black Widow #3. Natasha compares herself to Lobo here and decides that she is worth saving, and he isn’t. She tanks her mission last-minute because can’t be responsible for giving a butcher back his freedom and his knife drawer.

Natasha’s stories are full of ignoring Fury’s orders and doing things her own way, it is a common trope in spy fiction— fictional spies usually don’t have a slavish devotion to authority because their work requires them to operate outside the normal boundaries of society and morality. A good agent needs to be able to think outside the mission, and Natasha needs to know when the mission is not worth doing. I mean, she is an Avenger and a spy, which is kind of a contradiction in terms. Like I said: the rules don’t apply.

There is some criticism of the current volume and how often Natasha seems to get blindsided, how often her missions drift south and how she doesn’t have contingencies wrapped in contingencies. And I agree, to a certain point— I would like to see her win. I am biased. But Natasha isn’t a good agent because she can follow directions to the letter, she is the best agent because she knows when she shouldn’t. She has back up: safehouses, extraction plans. She never gets blown away.

From Black Widow #3, by Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto.