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Fuck Yeah, Black Widow

Fallaces sunt rerum species

Здравствуйте from FYBW, your one-stop tumblr shop for Black Widow news, no-prizing, and oversaturated .gifs. Some MCU, mostly comics. Often overwritten. Always overthinking.

Black Widow created by Lee, Rico and Heck & is © Marvel Entertainment.

Classified Intel

Like any blog, FYBW is the product of too much time on one's hands and too much esteem for one's own opinion. It is dedicated to the Marvel superhero Black Widow, and comes pre-equipped with the radical thesis that she is worth blogging about. I started this blog because I was very tired of fandom reducing her story to a relationship with Bucky and Marjorie Liu's (excellent) run, so I created a place where fans could hopefully learn more about her history and place in the Marvel Universe.

This microblog is modeled on the grand and memetic tumblr tradition of Fuck Yeah! It is 100% obsessively dedicated to Black Widow stuff— comic books, toys, movienews, whatevs. I use my narrow focus to explore historical and political shifts in shared universe spandex storytelling; I also use it to post oversaturated .gifs with emo song lyrics attatched. Here is some stuff to keep in mind.

  • I update when I want to, usually between ten and twenty times a week.
  • This is a high-trafficish tumblr, which means I don't see every reblog notif, even when notifs are functioning properly.
  • I tag animated giffy posts with .gif, and warn for non-consent and Kevin Smith. This blog is probably not for you if you are triggered by violence and/or guns, but if you have something you'd like me to warn for please put a note in my askbox and I will be happy to comply.
  • I don't post from new comics until the Sunday after their release. Sometimes I post a review of the comic before then, the spoiler stuff will always go behind a "Read More" cut. Solicits, cover art, and previews are usually posted without a warning.
  • I have a very strict "No Greg Land" policy.
  • I source my comic scans with issue #, writer, and penciler in the caption and in the tags. I source fanart with the artist name and usually with a link to the source. I often include commentary. Feel free to delete the commentary, but please do not delete the sources.
  • Likewise, if you are an artist and you want me to credit you differently and/or remove your work from this blog, please just tell me so! This is a fansite and showcase, not a pirate hive of scum and villainy. No infringement (or profit) is intended.
  • I am Too Old for tumblr.

Tumblr doesn't support comments super-well and I don't have the time or patience to maintain a third-party comment section. If you have a tumblr you can always reblog. If you don't you can use the askbox or the somewhat mystifying (???) fanmail feature.

About the layout

Tales of Suspense #53
by Jack Kirby

FYBW uses a custum tumblr theme designed, coded, and lovingly implemented by me, based on the HTML5Boilerplate. It's not something I'm planning on releasing publicly, just because it's notched so precicely to my whims. This particular iteration was born of me fiddling around with HTML5 semantic properties and trendy CSS3 transition effects. I try to keep up to accessibiltity/usability/general code validity standards as well as tumblr will let me. Alas, I live on a Mac, so Internet Explorer is an unknown country.

Fonts used include Bell MT, Muli, and Courier New, the logofont is Playfair Display. Header image is inspired by the cover of Tales of Suspense #53, penciled by the inimitable Jack Kirby. All my graphics were created in Adobe Photoshop, all my coding in Adobe Dreamweaver, and all my tumblr theming by cursing at a computer screen late at night.

About Me

I am a twenty-something ladyshaped comic book fan coming to you live from Portland, Oregon. And my superpower is that I have Opinions on the Internet.

This is important: someone is wrong on the internet.
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman.

Interests outside of comic books include: whiggery, 16-bit videogames, primary colors and bad vampire-based fiction. I am a sometimes web developer pursuing a graduate education in history, and I totally took a semester class on sequential art so I am like, ultra-qualified to run this blog. I have been creating fansites for several years and blogging for several more of them. The opinions presented here have been honed through many, many comic book messageboard e-fights, during the course of which Ed Brubaker once told me I care about continuity too much.

Yes, I am that fan. I recommend not taking this site too serieously, lest you become me.

I am available for contact through askbox and via email: