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Fuck Yeah, Black Widow

Fallaces sunt rerum species

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Black Widow created by Lee, Rico and Heck & is © Marvel Entertainment.

Scarlett is a little bit busy being very pregnant right now, but there’s always possibility. People say that movies can’t open well when they’re led by women: Lucy made $20 million more than Hercules this weekend in their openings. So if you keep making that happen, you will get Captain Marvel, you will get Black Widow, and more.
— Victoria Alonso, Marvel Studios Executive Vice President


hello! do you like jessica drew? do you like natasha romanoff? do you like the idea of them being besties and/or girlfriends?

well, welcome the start of this new blog! :D 

it’s still in it’s lil baby stage though, so feel free to submit posts, headcanons, fics, etc! 

Anonymous asked: With Nick Fury's Infinity Formula running out and the revelation that Dum Dum has been an LMD since the 60's it almost seems as though Marvel is trying to get rid of characters with extended lifespans who weren't frozen like Steve or Bucky. What do you think is the likelihood Marvel will try to retcon Natasha's origins again in an attempt to 'streamline' everything?

Nick Fury status quo changes are a bread and butter part of Marvel Summer Events™— he is one of the few characters with enough wide and twisting roots to matter to the whole universe when he gets taken out of play. As Bendis admitted once about Secret War, maybe the original “something happens to Nick Fury” ultraminiseries:

One of the reasons I ended “Secret War” the way I did was because — and I was as guilty of this as anybody — that people would use Fury as the go-to plot starter. Nick Fury would come with a file and start the story, and it was getting lazy and ridiculous. He needed to be put out of circulation for a while, so people could come up with different takes on the status quo and his relationship with the heroes.

So, I think crossovers are always going to find ways to travel through Nick Fury.  In this specific case, though, yeah, I think two characters named Nick Fury running around and one of them looking more like the movie version was a clear reason to streamline. They didn’t remove Nick Sr.’s World War II past, they just moved him off the board and into spooky moon chains.

I’m not super worried about them retconning that aspect of Natasha, either. Natasha’s current series doesn’t focus much on the flashbacks, which I think is a creative decision with the uncoinicdental side effect of making the book more approachable for those coming in from the movies. But even if Natasha was born in 1984 in the MCU, I don’t seem them forcing comic book continuity to match. Brubaker’s Captain America run, which brought the “Natasha is immortal” thing back more than any other series, is seen as a modern classic and is where they draw a lot of MCU influence from. They’ll be trying to promote those trade paperbacks, not wipe those stories out of existence.

Marvel completely overwritten Natasha’s whole backstory in the past, so I’m not convinced that they see her history as iconic or too important to change, the way they might with Steve Rogers frozen in an iceberg. Being a dancer used to be a formative influence on Natasha and a touchstone in a lot of her stories, but that was all sexist brainwashing, apparently! But if they retcon Natasha’s past to “streamline” it into MCU continuity, I think it will be to bring back the child soldier victim narrative, not to contradict anything Brubaker wrote.